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You can order our most chosen services online with ease. Do you prefer personal contact? No problem, just call or email us.

Personal contact

You can get everything done online here. Nice, but sometimes a personal conversation is just as pleasant.

Best solutions

We always seek for the best solution to register your trademark, file your patent application or protect your name.

Customer service

We are always there for you. Can’t reach us? Know that we will always respond to your email within minutes.

In the media

Not only do companies trust us, also large Dutch media – like the Telegraaf Media Group – regularly use our services when they have questions about trademarks. In the case of the video on this page, co-owner and founder Maarten Koolen was asked about the rights on a design for a shoe by Rihanna and Puma. Forever21 makes comparable shoes and that’s why Rihanna and Puma have gone to court. Is their case a strong case?

Source: Telegraaf Media Groep

What do we do most?

What makes or office different from others? And why would you choose us? In the Netherlands you do not find many trademark offices that can help you concerning every intellectual property matter.

If others have a trademark agent, they don’t have lawyers who can help you if you want to act against infringement for example. It is one or the other, but not at our office.

At our office, you will find everything under one roof, from lawyer to trademark agent,, allowing us to assist you regarding all intellectual property matters.

  • Trademark registration 100% 100%
  • Patents 95% 95%
  • Action against infringement 85% 85%
  • Logo registration 89% 89%
  • Trademark monitoring 96% 96%
  • Idea registration 65% 65%
  • Trade name registration 77% 77%
Maarten Koolen

Maarten Koolen

Lawyer and founder

Maarten is our lawyer and ensures that your requests come to the right person within our organization.
Peter Paauw

Peter Paauw

Analyst and founder

Peter analyzes the processes within the organization and makes them as tight as possible. In addition, he organizes the billing process.
Juan Weijers

Juan Weijers

Business development manager and founder

Juan is involved in marketing activities and ensures that new clients find us and that our existing clients stay with us.

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