Intellectual property

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How we help with your intellectual property

Trademark registration

Our trademark agents will assist you in registering your brand as a starter, but also if you already have had a company for years.

Patent registration

Our patent agents will be happy to assist you in applying for your patent, as it is not always easy to realize this.

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In the media

Not only do companies trust us, also big media – like the Telegraaf Media Group – regularly use our services when they have questions about trademarks.

In the case of the video on this page, co-owner and founder Maarten Koolen was asked about the rights on a design for a shoe by Rihanna and Puma.

Forever21 makes comparable shoes and that’s why Rihanna and Puma have gone to court.

Is their case a strong case?

Source: Telegraaf Media Groep

Who can help you


Trademark agents

Patent agents



Trademark agents and patent agents

Many offices offer you intellectual property. In our eyes this is impossible, it is a beautiful but complicated subject. We are therefore not involved in anything else and are only specialized in intellectual property rights.

Attorneys and lawyers

Because we do not only register your trademark, but also protect them and help you with your legal contracts, we also offer you the legal services of our lawyers and attorneys.

Benelux - Europe - Worldwide

With our global network and expertise, we can help you anywhere and anytime.

Our intellectual property rights fees

Make an appointment

We understand that you want to know more about intellectual property. And then especially about the rights that you have in mind. For example, apply for a patent, trademark registration or action against infringement of any of your intellectual property rights.

We will be happy to contact you, so fill in the form, then you will hear from us within 24 hours on working days.

See what we do

Unlike many other offices, we offer you official trademark agents, patent agents, lawyers and attorneys under one roof, all of them exclusively engaged in intellectual property rights.

In this way, our team provides all the support needed for the protection of trademarks and models, patent applications and also infringement actions.

Fortunately, our specialists are a star in preventing lawsuits so that extremely high costs can be avoided as much as possible.

Our professionals have over twenty years of experience and have applied for countless trademarks and patents in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide.

Unlike many other intellectual property offices, we only deal with intellectual property rights and only apply this knowledge and experience.

Reason for many parties to choose for us is that we not only regulate your first protection, but we also monitor your rights over time so that we can respond adequately to infringement.

Intellectueeleigendom.nl consists of trademark agents, patent agents, lawyers and lawyers. This wide spectrum of professionals is exceptional and actually not found under one roof anywhere but here.

We not only manage your intellectual property, we also provide long-term protection and, as such, act quickly and efficiently against infringement.

For our most chosen services we have a fixed fee. Only this way you know from the start what you can count on and you won’t experience unpleasant surprises at our international intellectual property office. That’s why we do not use difficult tables and hourly rates that scare you. No, the fixed rates are known from the start.

This way you’ll know in a second which package from our Trademark office is the right one for your company.

Intellectual property is part of civil law. Under Article 3: 6 of the Dutch Civil Code, absolute rights are granted. Intellectual property rights can be classified as goods, and you can transfer them, but can also be seized.
Intellectual property